Hot Wax Covers Boobs Of Slave Girl. Hot Wax Tits Torture

  • 10 min

Description: the master was very unhappy that the slave girl did not buy candles in the house. he taught me a good lesson by covering my tits with hot wax, big tits, waxing, tit torture, extreme bdsm, candle wax, amateur bdsm, trained, slave girl, homemade big tits, hot amateurs, hot wax, humiliation, slave punishment, slave girl training, homemade, faphouse, big, hot, amateur hot, homemade amateur, big tits amateur, hot punishment, big boobs punishment, big tits train, train boobs, bdsm tits, big boobed amateurs, girl boobs, bdsm punish, big girl boobs, big tit amateur, boob girls, boob tit, girl tit

Starring: Angelinga

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